Nov 10, 2018

Clean Energy Jobs will create tangible benefits for...

This December, Oregon legislators will gather again to discuss priorities for the upcoming session. As we gather, I hope they will remember all the work... Read more
Oct 15, 2018

Climate Day of Action Across Oregon...

Save the Date We’re doing it again! We’re inviting Oregonians from all over the state to ELEVEN simultaneous... Read more
Jul 20, 2018

Shelley Peng's Story

 Clean energy is increasingly in the headlines -- from the development of the first US offshore wind project... Read more
Jun 01, 2018

We're Still In and We're Not...

It’s the one year anniversary of President Trump pulling our country out of the Paris Climate Agreement --... Read more
May 20, 2018

Eyes on the Prize: Clean Energy...

2019 seems like a long way off, doesn’t it? We’re getting ready for summer and the end of... Read more
Mar 14, 2018

What We Brought In 2018

A movement for change; a movement for Clean Energy Jobs “They may try to out-spend us, but we... Read more
Nov 29, 2017

Kris Grube And Good Energy Retrofit...

When people think about clean energy jobs, construction and energy efficiency work can be overlooked for high-profile projects... Read more
Nov 21, 2017

James Reyes - Constructing Hope in...

I love to see our students succeed. Success to me means my students go from little or no... Read more
Nov 05, 2017

Electric atmosphere sparks more interest in...

From Pendleton to Coos Bay and Portland to Medford, hundreds of Oregonians in 13 cities simultaneously amplified support... Read more
Oct 17, 2017

From Fryer to Fuel Tank: How...

Sustainability isn’t just something Burgerville does; it’s part of their core identity as they strive to play a... Read more
Oct 11, 2017

How Randy Joseph is Powering Baker...

The business of wind energy isn’t only huge companies; my sons and I run our own small wind... Read more