Apr 11, 2019

Why Clean Energy Jobs? Why Now?

Guest blog post by Ernesto Fonseca, Chief Executive Officer, Hacienda CDC When discussing matters of universal concern like climate change, facts and figures can be... Read more
Dec 07, 2018

Pass Clean Energy Jobs bill for...

As the father of two young girls, I constantly think about the legacy we are leaving for our... Read more
Dec 07, 2018

Clean energy jobs bill would help...

It seems every day is colder and colder. Putting my hand to my window last night I could... Read more
Dec 06, 2018

Clean energy jobs would benefit farmworkers...

It's no secret that climate pollution presents a major problem for our community. The economy and health of... Read more
Dec 06, 2018

Clean Energy Jobs: Good for our...

As an organic farming apprentice in Veneta, US, I have come to love Oregon’s soil. With a little... Read more
Dec 04, 2018

Salem's water crisis brought climate disruption...

As a mom of four kids working multiple jobs, my life is a constant balancing act. My family... Read more
Dec 01, 2018

Pass Clean Energy Jobs bill for...

Growing up on the Oregon Coast, I remember entire summer days spent outside on the beach, camping trips... Read more
Nov 26, 2018

Oregon should lead the way in...

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of working in the dirt. Smudging and thinning pears, nursery, and... Read more
Nov 20, 2018

Clean Energy Jobs bill continues Oregon's...

Tom McCall doesn't have his name on a Portland park, and at least two Oregon schools, because he... Read more
Nov 15, 2018

Where the federal government fails, Oregon...

Hood River County, the City of Hood River and the Ports of Hood River and Cascade Locks have... Read more