Jun 01, 2018

It’s the one year anniversary of President Trump pulling our country out of the Paris Climate Agreement -- a dark day for the U.S., isolating us from allies and coming with a $6 Trillion price tag. We’re the ONLY country on EARTH not committed to the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gases and keep the planet from cooking.

Most Americans believe Trump is wrong for pulling out of Paris. Some of our country's largest companies and leading Governors refuse to surrender our future. So the “We Are Still In” movement was born. In Oregon, we are still in for protecting our families and communities against climate change.


Here’s what we can do about it

Oregon has a great history of groundbreaking work to build clean energy and reduce pollution. Even those efforts aren’t enough. That’s why we’re all in on the Clean Energy Jobs bill.

Clean Energy Jobs will put a cap on climate pollution from the largest polluters. Proceeds collected from them will be spent helping families save on energy by upgrading homes, job training for Oregonians ready to join the already 48,000 clean energy workers in our state, modern irrigation to help farmers battle drought, wildfire prevention, and strengthening roads against flooding from severe storms brought on by global warming.

Why is Clean Energy Jobs so important? Look at how much it will help us reduce pollution thanks to a hard cap on emissions. It gives us the best chance to fully transition to a clean energy economy. No other policy comes close. And we’ll put Oregonians to work building a clean energy economy for today and tomorrow.


Oregon isn’t acting alone, but it can be a leader.

Every country in the world has committed to reducing climate pollution. Many states are competing to outdo each other on clean energy. Recently, an economist told Oregon’s legislative leaders:

“There is a bit of a leapfrog game going on. New Jersey and Maryland, New York and Massachusetts are individually adopting increasingly stringent climate policies at the state level.... From outside Oregon, there are a lot of eyes on Oregon. Oregon is one of the exciting things happening this year for those people who are trying to make progress on addressing climate change.” -- Dallas Burtraw, economist at Resources for the Future

It’s not the first time we’ve heard the world is watching Oregon. We can be part of history by passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill and putting a price on pollution. One in five U.S. states introduced bills to put a price on carbon last year alone. The race is on.

The future belongs to those who take action now

Did you know more than 40 countries and 25 cities, states, or provinces already have a price on greenhouse gas pollution? Even China is getting in on the game, about to launch the 2nd largest pollution pricing market in the world.


10 states: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont are using a program similar to Clean Energy Jobs right now. Only California and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec have a cap on all fossil fuel emissions, as Oregon is trying to do.

Each one of those places has growing economies, stable energy prices, falling emissions, and they’re creating thousands of clean energy jobs like -- construction workers, engineers, road crews, designers, manufacturing workers, accountants, salespeople, and administrators.

What is the program paying for:

  • Maine is helping people save $47 million on energy bills by paying for home upgrades.
  • California is paying for solar panels on 150,000 low-income homes.
  • New York is training workers for thousands of future jobs in the growing battery sector.
  • Rhode Island will save $1,000,000 per year thanks to upgrades to street lights.

Oregon will benefit when we pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill. You can do your part by signing our petition urging lawmakers to pass the bill or contacting your Oregon lawmaker directly with this easy email tool.