Jan 06, 2016


Less than a year ago, Renew Oregon was founded with one big, bold goal: to transition Oregon from polluting power to a clean energy economy. There is a lot to accomplish in that short, powerful statement. So we set priorities: get coal out of Oregon’s electricity, put a price on climate pollution and defend clean air protections we already have.

Today, we have big news to share! And it’s thanks to you, and people like you, who have joined this campaign -- donating money, volunteering your time or helping us spread the word for climate action. Our strength together helped put a clean energy ballot measure on a path to the November ballot.

But there may now be a way to win the ballot measure campaign without actually having to go to the ballot. That’s because the big utilities have agreed to support a legislative proposal that includes virtually everything in the ballot measures, AND MORE!

  • Transition off coal in our electricity

  • Double the requirement for new renewable energy to 50%

  • Establish community solar choice program with guaranteed access to low-income families.

  • Create incentives for electric companies that transition to renewables faster

  • Invest in more electric vehicle charging infrastructure – a crucial part of making it easier to switch to electric vehicles

With this agreement in hand, we’re going to the legislature in February. We’ll be able to advocate for this new bill, as well as other priorities, including capping and pricing pollution and defending Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard.

We’ll still need your help, but if we can pass the clean electricity and coal transition policy nearly ten months ahead of schedule and tackle what represents 25% of the climate pollution in our state, it will be a huge victory for Oregon and our planet.

We’ll keep you updated on how the bill is doing. In the meantime, show your support by sharing this graphic on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for all your support for making this happen!