By acting now we can create a healthier, more prosperous and equitable Oregon.


Create local jobs


Improve community health


Support clean energy

An Oregon with good-paying jobs that can’t be outsourced, an Oregon with cleaner air and water for healthier families, and an Oregon that leads the nation in technological innovations in clean, renewable energy.

Renew Oregon is a clean energy advocacy coalition of businesses and workers, healthcare professionals and parents, farmers and ranchers, faith and community organizations, and individuals coming together to move our state away from polluting energy to a clean energy economy. We are working to create good-paying jobs for all Oregonians, protect air and water from pollution, and help families stay healthy.

The Challenge

Oregon’s economy runs on dirty energy that pumps pollution into our air and water. The pollution is making asthma worse for children and putting adults’ lives at risk from lung disease. It’s also changing our climate, threatening the place we love to live. We are already seeing bigger wildfires, more destructive storms and terrible drought. If we do nothing, climate change will continue to impact our health and economy.

Building solutions for all Oregonians. 
Together we can Renew Oregon.

Together we will:

  • Support a transition from dirty, polluting energy to a clean energy economy, including solar and wind power, energy-efficient homes and businesses, and clean transportation options.

  • Grow local companies and create good-paying jobs that can support a working family and can’t be shipped overseas– everything from engineers to designers, electrical and construction workers, administrative staff and custodians.

  • Protect our health by reducing pollution causing lung disease and triggering asthma attacks in kids.

  • Hold major polluters accountable for what they are dumping into our air and water.

  • Direct the transition to a clean economy to center those most impacted by the climate crisis: low-income people and Black, Indigenous, Tribal, and people of color in Oregon.

  • Position Oregon as a leader in the 21st century economy and a center for innovation.

We will develop an economy with good jobs for families now and a clean energy future.

As individuals, we take responsibility to keep Oregon clean. Major companies responsible for pollution should do so too. We have a moral obligation to our kids and grandkids to address the climate crisis and end our dependence on oil, fracked gas, and coal. When times are hard, it feels like we have to choose between getting by now and giving our kids a better world. With an equitable clean energy transition, we can accomplish both.

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