Feb 08, 2016


As a proud union member, I have spent more than 25 years promoting UFCW Local 555’s values in our community: promoting good jobs, fair pay, health and retirement benefits and the right to work with pride and dignity on the job. By representing workers and making sure that jobs in grocery, healthcare, and retail work provide family-sustaining, livable wages, UFCW strengthens and builds communities across Oregon.  Our responsibility to Oregonians expands beyond just our members and their families.

At UFCW Local 555, we understand that part of our role also involves protecting the environment for future generations, and helping aide the transition to a sustainable, clean-energy economy that will create new work opportunities across the state.

The UFCW has a strong history at the national level of protecting environmental and human rights, including standing up for sustainable practices in food production or standing against trade agreements that jeopardize the well-being of workers and the environment alike. In the words of our International President, Marc Perrone, “the labor and environmental movements share a common interest in seeing our planet and its inhabitants treated with dignity and respect.” In joining the Renew Oregon coalition, UFCW 555 is committed to these values in Oregon. As farmworkers and grocery workers, our members are Oregonians whose work directly ties them to the environment. Furthermore, many of them stand to benefit from transitions to a green energy economy that will see public transportation become more prevalent and accessible, housing become smaller, more affordable and in closer proximity to places of work, and the lowering of fuel and energy bills as dirty, polluting, expensive fossil fuels are phased out and clean, affordable renewable energy replaces them. A clean energy economy is good for our members, and it’s good for all Oregonians. Supporting Renew Oregon is just one of the many ways that UFCW 555 can call upon our elected officials to further democratic ideals and reprioritize the greater good and be accountable to the communities they represent.