Aug 22, 2017


I’ve done sales for a long time - but I’ve never had a job like this one. My job is a lot of fun: I knock on doors. I set up appointments for homeowners to talk with a solar specialist. This job allows me to utilize my experience being a “people person” and an opportunity for me to grow and expand my knowledge in the “solar-saving-the-planet industry”, where I am learning something new everyday!

I’m part of a team that provides free solar bids to people so they will know how much they’re going to save by adding clean energy to their homes. I tell customers how it gives them more freedom over where their power comes from and give them an idea of how the solar panels will look on the roof.

The people I talk to who want to go solar are mostly working families -- new homeowners, people with kids in high school or college, people planning for their retirement. I speak with Oregonians who want to do what’s right for our planet, but also need to be mindful of expenses. Even with existing incentives, it’s a big investment. That’s why we need policies like Clean Energy Jobs. 

Clean Energy Jobs will help all Oregonians more easily take advantage of solar, have a shorter payback period, and more immediately see savings on their utility bills. All the new demand will mean companies like Blue Raven will invest in more people like me and hire more workers as the industry expands. 

I really feel like I’ve found my niche in this job. I have been looking for something I can sink my teeth into and I can feel good about. I've done direct sales before, but this I believe in. I know it helps the planet and I can be proud of that. 

I’ve met one of the owners at Blue Raven and I loved his energy and passion. They pay well and work to retain their people because they care and understand that they can’t save the planet without us.

I’m being trained to move from sales to become a Solar Specialist where I’ll be able to deepen my relationship with the customers we serve, as well as expand my industry knowledge. With my steady job in solar, I’m looking next at purchasing an electric car!

As I walk the neighborhoods, looking for houses that could use solar, I see so much opportunity, so much untapped potential. Clean Energy Jobs will help make the choice to go solar an even easier one. The benefits are there, the savings are there, and Clean Energy Jobs can help more families, small businesses and organizations take their desire to go solar over the finish line, and to see savings right away.