Stories | May 22, 2016

Jackie Yerby - St. Philip Neri Catholic Church...

For many years, I have felt a calling to protect our environment and our communities through my personal and professional pursuits. My Catholic faith has... Read more
Stories | May 08, 2016

Dan Carver - Imperial Stock Ranch...

East of the Cascade Mountains the land can be harsh and conditions tough. It takes grit to thrive... Read more
Stories | Mar 20, 2016

Katie Schaefer

Our goal is to make renewable energy a point of pride for the Pacific Northwest. That’s why I’m... Read more
Stories | Mar 18, 2016

Chris Ashby - Wildland Firefighter

I’ve worked on wildfires all across Oregon and the west. My work has included being a crew member... Read more
Stories | Feb 08, 2016

Jeff Anderson - UFCW555

As a proud union member, I have spent more than 25 years promoting UFCW Local 555’s values in... Read more
Stories | Jan 26, 2016

Margaret Ngai

Picture a coal-burning power plant, the acrid black smoke pouring from the smokestack. Just the thought makes it... Read more
Stories | Dec 11, 2015

Bishop David Brauer Rieke

Wanting to leave things better for our progeny is not just a value of the church, but a... Read more
Stories | Nov 09, 2015

Tom Hilton Fisherman

My Oregon heritage is a big part of who I am, and my family’s identity. I’m a third... Read more
Stories | Oct 20, 2015

Carol Whipple

I’m a 5th generation Oregonian. My family has lived here a long time. For decades and decades we’ve... Read more
Stories | Sep 03, 2015

Kelly Coughlin - Wildland Firefighter

From my vantage point, as a wildland firefighter and someone who has served in the same fire lookout... Read more
Stories | Aug 14, 2015

Jorge Cuevas - Coffee Importer

Can we save organic coffee production in face of disease? Coffee in the Northwest -- part art, part... Read more