Nov 29, 2017

Kris Grube And Good Energy Retrofit

When people think about clean energy jobs, construction and energy efficiency work can be overlooked for high-profile projects like solar farms and wind turbines. The... Read more
Nov 21, 2017

James Reyes - Constructing Hope in...

I love to see our students succeed. Success to me means my students go from little or no... Read more
Oct 11, 2017

How Randy Joseph is Powering Baker...

The business of wind energy isn’t only huge companies; my sons and I run our own small wind... Read more
Oct 03, 2017

Clean Energy on the Umatilla Reservation...

It’s important to find a balance between humans and the natural environment. As technology evolves, being successful also... Read more
Sep 28, 2017

Francis Plowman - Sustainable Cheese at...

At Rogue Creamery, we strive to be more than artisan cheese producers; we also want to be good... Read more
Sep 25, 2017

Hydropower In The Dalles - Read...

When you think of renewable energy, a lot of people picture windmills or solar panels, which are great.... Read more
Sep 19, 2017

Kay Firor - How Solar Energy...

When I was in college decades ago, I was doing a research paper. I heard the term “solar... Read more
Sep 07, 2017

From Oregon to Texas, Fire and...

From a hurricane zone to wildfires at home: one Oregonian’s experience with climate change here and now One... Read more
Aug 22, 2017

Robyn Jacobson - Blue Raven Solar...

I’ve done sales for a long time - but I’ve never had a job like this one. My... Read more
Aug 11, 2017

Steve Dickey, Salem-Keizer Transit

We provide bus service within Salem and Keizer, as well as express service between cities in Marion, Polk,... Read more
Jul 11, 2017

Megan Davis, Pine Street Bakery

Our goal at Pine Street Bakery is to provide patrons with a personal experience - like showing up... Read more