Stop the Tar Sands Invasion! 

Oil is harder to come by as the world’s stockpiles are used up. In Canada, a particularly filthy, polluting form of oil is being extracted from what are known as Tar Sands. The energy and process Tar Sands go through to make them usable as fuel are more intensive, expensive and polluting.

To sell this filthy crude, big oil companies need to move it to refineries in the U.S. The corporate fossil fuel giants want to build pipelines and nearly triple the number of oil trains and barges carrying tar sands oil through Northwest cities and towns!

Tell our leaders in Oregon to say NO to this Tar Sands Invasion! There are no refineries in Oregon, so the massive polluters are simply using our clean rivers and aging rails as a pass-through to sell oil to foreign markets. All the risk and none of the reward. Our emergency responders do not have the funding to deal with spills and explosions. Our rivers, fishing and air will suffer from even one mishap. Let’s grow the clean energy economy instead and put Oregonians to work on projects that will produce safe energy here at home!

Will you sign?