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Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians - The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) is the regional policy and advocacy organization representing nearly 50 Northwest tribal governments from Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Alaska, California, and Montana. ATNI's mission is the preservation and advancement of tribal self-determination & sovereignty.

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Climate Solutions - Our vision:  a thriving, equitable Northwest, powered by clean energy, inspiring the transition to sustainable prosperity across the nation and beyond. Our mission: accelerating clean energy solutions to the climate crisis. As a Northwest-based clean energy economy nonprofit, Climate Solutions works to champion transformational policies and market-based innovations; catalyze powerful partnerships and a diverse movement for action and accountability; and communicate a bold vision for solutions at scale required by climate science. 

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PCUN - Farmworkers and Latinx Working Families United - Since 1985, PCUN has advocated for Oregon farmworkers and working Latinx families, working tirelessly to empower these communities to understand and take action against systematic exploitation and its harmful effects. Today, they are building a strong network of integrated Latinx organizations so that they can be more effective in achieving the goal of giving Latinx communities tools to influence policy in ways that will improve their lives for the better. 

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Oregon Environmental Council - OEC brings Oregonians together to protect water, air, and land with healthy solutions that work for today and for future generations. Founded in 1968 by concerned Oregonians across the state, they are a membership-based, nonpartisan nonprofit. Oregon Environmental Council envisions a future in which every Oregonian has access to the healthy air, water, climate and communities we need to thrive. To achieve this vision, they strive for equitable environmental policies and practices that give every Oregonian a fair shot at acting on their environmental values, being a part of decisions that affect them, and living in healthy environments. 

OLCV logo Oregon League of Conservation Voters - Since 1972, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters has been a unique and valued member of Oregon’s environmental community. They work within local and state governments to demand clean air and water, healthy forests and wildlife, and a clean, renewable energy future for all Oregonians. Alongside their members, they take political action to stand up for Oregon’s people and places. The Oregon League of Conservation Voters is made up of a statewide team of members, volunteers, full-time staff, and board of directors. Throughout their work, they maintain a commitment to equity, diversity, and environmental justice for all people.

SNW logo Sustainable Northwest - Sustainable Northwest is a non-profit based in Portland, Oregon. Their work to forge solutions for people and natural systems places Sustainable Northwest at the radical middle of community, economy, and ecology. Successfully bringing local interests together to pioneer balanced community-driven solutions in the face of change and conflict requires extraordinary patience, grit, and commitment. Founded in 1994, Sustainable Northwest is a pioneer in solving problems through collaboration and has grown into one of the most trusted organizations working at the intersection of the environment, economy, and community.