Thank you for joining our Clean energy Jobs lobby day on Feb. 12th! Don't miss any update regarding the day that could set our state to take bold actions on climate. Click this link to join the facebook event on which we'll post news and updates! 

Don't forget to share about it with all your friends and loved ones. We need all support to let our lawmakers know: Oregonians are serious when it comes to preserving our state and our economy. 

Something you can also contact your legislator right now to urge them to pass Clean Energy Jobs



Lobby Day Details

Here's what to expect when you'll come the capitol on Feb. 12th.

9-10am: Registration and Selfie Session

10-12pm: Video and Training - You will be informed about the bill more in depth by the person in charge of the campaign)

12pm: Lunch

12:15pm: March and Rally on the capitol steps - We will have wonderful speakers coming with us to support the bill and we will rely around the capitol to make sure our lawmakers hear us loud and clear. 

12:45-4:30pm: Meetings with legislators - Each group will meet with their lawmaker to express our wish to see climate action in our state and more support for the Clean Energy Jobs bill. 

For more info or if you need carpooling details and accommodation info, don't hesitate to contact Ryann who will answer your questions. 

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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