Screen_Shot_2016-10-25_at_2.16.10_PM.pngOn television, the radio and your Facebook feed... At the grocery store, the bus stop, and at the kitchen table... You can’t escape the campaigns right now. YET somehow they’re escaping talking about climate change!

Solving this crisis is the most important mission of our generation and barely a peep from the people who want to run our cities, states and our country.

We have the technology, the workforce, and the will -- but people won’t know that unless the candidates talk about it during the campaigns.

EVERY DEBATE. EVERY SPEECH. EVERY DAY. From now until November 8th, demand that those holding the microphones, asking for our votes, talk about the issue we care about most: getting off of fossil fuels and protecting our homes and health.

GOAL: 1,000 signatures

Will you sign?