picture_petition_post_election.jpgWhat now? It’s the question so many of you are asking. What can I do?

We never imagined a President who denies the science of climate change and threatens to fulfill the wish list of big oil and coal.

This new reality has awakened more people to the urgent danger. What kind of a world will our children inherit from us in only a matter of years? One powered by renewable energy with clean air to breathe? Or one too polluted to enjoy life as we know it now?
GOAL: 5,000 signatures

Will you sign?


Step 1: know you’re not alone. The challenge is not too big. Together, we are thousands-strong in Oregon and millions-strong across the country. Together, we moved Oregon off of coal-fired power and we’re ready for more.

Together we will:

  • Defend clean air and clean water protections we already enjoy

  • Make Oregon a leader in the clean energy economy, with or without help from D.C.

  • Show how a clean economy creates good paying jobs close to home, how workers of all skills can fit in -- from manufacturing workers to engineers, support staff to salespeople.

  • Make sure ALL Oregonians are part of the solutions.

  • Hold polluters accountable with a price on pollution. Reinvest in clean energy and healthy communities.

We can’t do it without you. Are you ready to be our people-powered campaign? Will you TALK and WRITE and CALL and MARCH and VOTE to make Oregon a clean energy leader and defend those Oregonians most impacted by climate change? The answer to “What now?” is to join us in our movement to make sure good things keep happening no matter who lives in the White House.

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