Feb 07, 2017

The early days of the new administration have been shocking. Workers, families, and people of color are reeling as announcement after announcement hits the headlines. We are being bombarded with one terrifying notification after another. Oil company executives and climate deniers are creeping toward the highest levels in D.C. even over the people’s protests.

As we march, organize and speak up to defend the progress we’ve made on health, human rights, and clean air protection, the best way to thwart those who want to roll back that progress is to keep winning. Together, we can move Oregon solutions forward.

We know that years of burning fossil fuels are catching up to us, threatening what we love most about living in Oregon. Ten years ago, Oregon’s legislature adopted limits on climate pollution. Those limits exist, but they’re not being enforced. We’re missing the mark.


We can decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, turbocharge the clean energy economy and create good-paying jobs for Oregonians of all skill levels -- manufacturing workers to engineers, construction worker to office support -- by making large polluters pay for every ton of climate-changing pollution they put into our air and water.

The time to act is now. Renew Oregon has spent the summer and fall around the state organizing. Now it’s time to mobilize our people power.

Two out of three Oregonians want polluters to pay for pollution. We’re taking Oregonian’s demands for a stable climate and thriving economy to the statehouse. Are you ready to make your voice heard?

Take the first step today by signing our petition. We don’t have much time. Imagine when we turn in thousands of signatures from Oregonians demanding Clean Energy Jobs. Lawmakers need to know it’s your priority. Then visit our Clean Energy Jobs webpage to learn more about this important campaign, and how you can help us make history.