Feb 18, 2016

A recent poll done by FM3 Research shows that about 7 in 10 Oregonians support the proposal to transition Oregon off coal to a clean energy economy. 


That's 70% of likely voters in Oregon who are ready for real action to be taken on climate change.

With the 2016 legislative session already in full swing, the members of our coalition have been working tirelessly to let legislators know that it's time for change. And we aren't the only ones. 

Our survey showed that two-thirds of voters say they are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition plan. 

Oregonians no longer simply ​need​ climate action - 70% of them ​want action now!

Support the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill by thanking your Representatives for their votes and urging your Senator for support.