May 05, 2017

The wave of enthusiasm and resistance continues to sweep across the country in the face of the new administration in the nation’s capital. Thousands of people hit the streets for Earth Day to May Day events -- including the March for Science and the People’s Climate March. Thousands of people determined to #Resist the fossil fuel takeover of our federal government and to not only defend but to press forward in Oregon for solutions to protect the climate, clean energy for all, and healthy air to breathe.

In Portland, around 3,000 passionate people gathered in Dawson’s Park this past Saturday. Newly energized individuals collaborated to express their concerns over what is happening to Oregon because of rising temperatures. The undeniable, buzzing energy showed in festive outfits, proactive signs, and chants demanding progress to counteract the threat from the current administration. People marched all over the state! Social media crackled with photos and videos of marchers in Corvallis, Brookings, Eugene, Cowlitz Tribe, Medford, Bend, Hood River, La Grande, Roseburg, and Tillamook. Was there one in your town? Share your photos and video here (in the comments)!

There’s a shared feeling of determination among many Oregonians as the Trump administration looks to undo many of the policies set in place by his predecessor -- with lasting, harmful consequences to our climate and way of life. The protests are an encouraging sign, but even more important than marching is finding an outlet to channel the wave of circulating energy. It is critical to not let this movement dissipate without any real progress being made.  

Marching is the first step, not the last. Here are 5 things you can do:

Sign the Petition:
Renew Oregon is leading an effort for the Clean Energy Jobs bill in the Oregon legislature. We wantIMG_0397.JPG to drop thousands of signatures on lawmakers’ desks in Salem. They won’t act on climate unless they hear it from thousands of Oregonians! Will you add your name right now?

The bill aims to fight against climate pollution and to reinvest statewide to create clean energy jobs, make clean power like solar even more accessible, improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses to save people money, build affordable housing near transit and invest in more transportation options.

Write a letter:
It’s old-school but it’s more powerful than you think. The best way to have your voice be heard in the fight against climate change is to contact your local elected officials. We can help with this tool. It’s most powerful if you change the subject line and message provided to something personal. Tell them to support the Clean Energy Jobs bill.

group_large_(2)_(1280x720).jpgRecruit a friend:
Have you heard of the spiral of silence? People all over the country are worried about climate change, but for some reason they don’t talk about it. Time to change it. Find a friend. Bring them into the movement by having them sign the petition. The more people get directly involved with the legislature the more pressure we can build to have a meaning impact in our community. It’s essential to keep calling, writing, and showing up to your local officials offices and town meetings so that they understand what issues you care about.

Train with us to be a climate superstar:leonardo-dicaprio-oscar.jpg

It’s not easy to be a community organizer. Talking to a local business about Clean Energy Jobs or asking strangers to sign the petition can be intimidating. But there are ways to make it easier, techniques that are effective and smart ways of talking about climate action. We want to help! Sign up for our volunteer program. We’ll teach you everything we know and set you loose on the community as a new climate superstar.

 Piggy_mychange_715-600.pngBe the change:
At Renew Oregon, we count on Oregonians to support our work. We’re out there organizing all over the state, training volunteers, doing research and working with communities to create the best policies for cutting pollution. It takes a lot of resources. We need your help to keep it going. Will you chip in your spare change at the end of each month to support the campaign? This app makes it really easy and we’d appreciate the help.