Aug 21, 2015

We were just getting started here at Renew Oregon when the legislature reauthorized the Clean Fuels Standard and Governor Brown signed it into law this year. It’s a great victory for Oregonians who value clean air and more options at the pump. Clean Fuels is just the kind of program that will make Oregon a leader, because it will grow the clean energy economy and reduce pollution


Out-of-state oil companies have battled against Clean Fuels for years, and in 2014 spent nearly $2 million to try to influence Oregon lawmakers to end the program. In the end, the Clean Fuels law stands and some businesses are already expanding thanks to the new, level playing field.

Big oil hasn’t stopped trying to weaken or roll back our new clean air protection. It has filed two lawsuits and three ballot initiatives to loosen pollution restrictions and maintain oil’s monopoly on consumer choices.

Turns out, Oregonians are too smart to fall for the scare tactics and misinformation coming from opponents of Clean Fuels. FM3 Research did a survey of Oregon voters all over the state. People were read the oil industry’s ballot measures and asked if they would vote for them. The resounding answer is NO!

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65-percent of likely Oregon voters say they support the Clean Fuels standard. When they heard the oil industry measures would limit consumer choices -- eliminating electricity, propane and hydrogen from the mix -- voters said no. The ballot measures would allow more pollution than the law allows now, so voters said no. Voters will chose to protect clean air over oil industry profits.

Oregonians are forward-thinkers and innovators. We’ve seen British Columbia and California enact successful Clean Fuels standards. After several years in place, both of those places are seeing lower levels of pollution and more investment and access to clean fuels. Oregonians see companies in our neighborhoods already using clean fuels like Waste Management, Fred Meyer, Franz Bakery, UPS, and Staples. Oregon needs to capitalize on these proven technologies to grow our economy while also protecting our healthy way of life.

Together, we’re going to move Oregon forward with more ideas to kick-start the clean energy economy and move away from dirty, polluting energy like oil. But part of moving forward is to make sure we aren’t moving backward. We’ll keep fighting to defend the Clean Fuels Program. Please be a part of it. You can help by chipping in or by helping out as a volunteer with our passionate team. The only way to fight big oil’s money is with the power of people. Let’s do this!