The ice at the top of the world is disappearing because of climate change. Giant oil corporation, Shell, is taking advantage of melting ice by drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean off the Alaskan coast. President Obama is the last person who can stop it. Shell hasn’t learned the lessons of the Exxon Valdez spill or BP gulf oil disaster.

An icebreaker ship, meant to clear the way for Shell Oil’s giant drilling rig, hit a rock and cut a gash in its hull. Just imagine if it was an oil tanker! That ship, the Fennica, was repaired in Portland. Protests to stop it drew national attention to Oregon.

Drilling for oil 1,000 miles from the nearest Coast Guard station is risky and reckless. There’s a 75% chance of at least one oil spill during drilling there, a government report found. There is a 100% chance that burning billions of gallons of oil from the Arctic will accelerate the global disaster of climate change. The heatwaves, drought and record-setting wildfires we’re seeing in Oregon this summer will become our new normal. That puts our health, our food supply and our homes in danger.

Instead of spending billions on extreme oil drilling -- let’s invest in a clean energy economy and put people to work in good jobs making clean fuels and building solar, wind and geothermal energy projects here at home.

Sign to tell President Obama: “No Oil Drilling in the Arctic!” Shell No!

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