Pledge today to become a champion for clean energy and climate protection. Simply promise to do your part -- talk to a friend about clean energy, spread the word on social media, call your elected official or join us as a volunteer, chip in to fund the campaign -- whatever your time allows. It ALL makes a difference. Together, we can Renew Oregon!

This could be a moment in history as big as the vaccine for polio. A time when the entire world came together to shift the direction of humanity to more prosperity and a safer world for our children.

Nearly every country around the globe has agreed to do its part to turn back the tide of climate change and speed the world economy to one that runs on clean energy. The historic agreement in France is the starting line; the moment when this movement went global.

Now the truly hard work begins. In Oregon, we consider this the starting gun for a race toward a clean energy economy. We have a head start, because of all the work that’s been done so far. We must capitalize on our advantage, use our innovation and hard workers to lead the U.S. and the world in clean energy and a healthy climateIt will take all of us to make the change. Join the movement today!

Will you sign?