Apr 28, 2020

Oregon is taking bold climate action now because a vast majority of Oregonians have demanded it for years, as wildfires have burned longer and our clean water supply is threatened. The work of this movement isn’t complete with the Oregon Climate Action Plan (OCAP), but it takes a huge leap forward. Read more about what it accomplishes here.

On the day Governor Brown signed the executive order setting OCAP in motion, she thanked all the many people and organizations who are fighting for climate action in Oregon, saying the sweeping, ambitious Oregon Climate Action Plan would not have happened without all of the activists, advocates, and educators who make up the Renew Oregon coalition

While this coalition’s massive effort has been ongoing for years, here are just a few of the highlights from the last several months that brought us victory and bold climate action in 2020. 


September 2019

More than 20,000 Oregonians, in 19 cities across the state, took to the streets to demand their governments rise to the climate crisis and deliver much more ambitious action to lower pollution that’s heating up the globe. Led by young people in communities large and small, widespread marches were held from La Grande to Seaside, Portland to Ashland. Youth activists and massive demonstrations energized the Oregon climate movement.

More Pictures Here. 


October 2019

After a complete collapse by the legislature in 2019, caused by Republicans fleeing the state, Oregonians couldn’t depend only on legislators again to take climate action in 2020. With Renew Oregon leading the way, the Oregonians for Clean Air coalition filed ballot measures for 100% Clean Economy and 100% Clean Electricity (video). A handful of amazing leaders and activists stepped up to be chief petitioners -- a businessman and farmer from Bend, a nurse from Hood River, a rural forestland owner from the North Coast, a civil rights leader from Eugene, and a retired businesswoman from Lake Oswego. 

Our combined efforts qualified the measures to be certified in less than 3 weeks, with several thousand voters’ signatures from around the state. Then the long process to get on the ballot in November 2020 began.

Renew Oregon: Public Launch of the Yes For Clean Air...

We're live and talking about the YES for 100% Clean Air initiatives. Hear from our Chief Petitioners on why we have filed for ballot measures for the 2020 general election. • Tera Hurst, Executive Director, Renew Oregon • Nadia Gardner, Co-chief Petitioner, 100% Clean Economy • Martha Sonato, Political Director, PCUN • Chrissy Reitz, Co-chief Petitioner, 100% Clean Energy • Yusuf Arifin, Beaverton Student

Posted by Renew Oregon on Tuesday, October 8, 2019


November 2019

An Oregon State University professor was one of the leading authors of a letter and report, signed by 11,000 world scientists, to warn humanity of the “catastrophic threat” of the climate crisis and to urge action by governments to significantly lower global warming pollution in the next decade. 

Two OSU scientists who signed the letter, Dr. Dominique Bachelet (video) and Dr. Bev Law, and a group of youth activists travelled to the Capitol with Renew Oregon and Union of Concerned Scientists to demand lawmakers act on climate and to urge Governor Brown to follow through with her executive authority if the legislature failed again. The list of policies presented that day tracks closely with the extraordinary order that became the Oregon Climate Action Plan

11,000 Scientists Declare Climate Emergency

Change is coming. We have a short time to decide if it's a change for better, cleaner energy or if life as we know it cannot survive. 11,000 scientists led by Oregon State University researchers declare a climate emergency and demand leaders step up with ambitious solutions to the magnitude of the challenge! Union of Concerned Scientists.

Posted by Renew Oregon on Friday, November 22, 2019


February 2020

As Oregon’s legislature gathered to debate how to tackle the state’s climate pollution-- after more than a decade of discussion, public hearings and town halls -- Oregon’s young people gathered to say it’s time to stop delaying and take action.

Youth from around the state declared a climate emergency (video) and urged adults in charge to get something significant done this year. 


February 2020

Only this amazing coalition could pull off the biggest climate action rally in Salem history! More than 1,000 Oregonians, from far and wide, gathered at the Capitol on February 11, 2020 to demand our legislators take bold climate action, because it was four years since the legislature passed any major climate protection laws. They still haven’t. 


February 2020

No one has more at stake in the climate crisis than the youngest generation. More than 130 youth activists, some traveling for hours to attend, gathered in Salem to meet face-to-face with legislators to demand faster, bolder action to reduce climate pollution and protect their futures. It’s the largest climate youth lobby day in Oregon history.

What an incredible day 😍 Over 100 youth from all over the state met with lawmakers today to urge them to protect their future and their communities by passing SB 1530 🌎 We need #ORClimateAction NOW 📝 #ORpol #ORleg

Posted by Renew Oregon on Monday, February 17, 2020


March 2020

For the second session in a row, and the fifth time in 10 months, Republican legislators ran away from their jobs at the Capitol, left their voters without representation, and shut down the government to keep any laws from passing, including a cap-and-invest bill everyone was working on.

Staying true to her promise, Governor Brown took the most sweeping climate executive action in the nation -- making a clean energy transition part of the mission for every corner of state government. Oregon is a leader once again a climate leader. 

“Oregonians have organized, advocated, worked and voted for years demanding our state take bold action to reduce climate pollution, improve our health, and transition to clean energy. Governor Brown delivered today with strong and comprehensive action,” said Tera Hurst, Executive Director of Renew Oregon. “This action will hold large corporate polluters accountable for the pollution they create. We all have a responsibility to do our part and most of us do, now it’s time for large polluters to start doing theirs.”

What is the Oregon Climate Action Plan? Read more about it here.


No single action will be enough to fully transition our economy to clean energy and solve the climate crisis. We’ll continue to work tirelessly as a coalition to make sure Governor Brown’s order is followed and the rules and programs set up are the best they can be. We’ll defend against the corporate polluters and their lobbyists who will try to weaken climate action at every opportunity. And we’ll look ahead to the next big law our state can pass to protect the climate.