>> New: The Oregon Climate Action Plan 2021 Progress Report<<

Oregon is now taking bold action to reduce climate pollution, protect our air and water, and do our part to respond to the climate emergency.

The Oregon Climate Action Plan puts into motion sweeping changes to improve our economy and making it more equitable, while reducing pollution over time. Clean, renewable energy will save money, protect health, and create jobs in transportation, construction, energy efficiency, and more.

This ambitious climate action wouldn't be possible without Oregonians like you and our work together isn't done! Big polluters will fight us. SIGN UP NOW and Read on to find out how you're needed to keep up the work to protect Oregon's future.

GOAL: 227 pledges

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What does Oregon’s Climate Action Plan do?

Clean Economy

  •     Require large corporate polluters to reduce pollution over time
  •     Make preventing the climate crisis a state government priority
  •     Center equity in climate programs and policies 

  Clean Fuels          

  • Decrease pollution from fuels by promoting cleaner options
  • Transition to zero-emission cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Strengthen the Clean Fuels Standard to 25% by 2035

Clean Buildings

  • Waste less energy in buildings, which saves money on bills
  • Promote energy-efficient appliances 
  • New homes and buildings will be ready to produce as much renewable power as they use by 2030

...It won’t happen without you

All of the actions above promise us a healthier, more equitable future and a more resilient economy. But none of these actions are guaranteed. Polluters will employ high-paid lobbyists to stall, water down, and roll back strong climate programs. They've spent huge sums of money to defeat climate action again and again in Oregon.

You want to hand a healthier world off to Oregon's children. We all do. The next step is to do our parts together. If we're organized we can make great progress and push back on polluters. Pledge below to join us in this powerful movement. Pledge to be on the inside as we defend the Oregon Climate Action Plan. Together, we’ll see it through!

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