news | Sep 04, 2020

Vision of a 100% Clean Economy

100% Clean Economy: What does it look like? There is a lot wrong with how we currently power our lives and economy, and a lot... Read more
news | Aug 28, 2020

Holding Large Polluters Accountable

We have a basic responsibility to leave our kids and grandkids a healthy future, but the climate crisis... Read more
news | Jul 17, 2020

Clean Buildings 🏠 Clean Home 🌎...

Is your stove making you sick? What do four walls and a roof have to do with the... Read more
Apr 28, 2020

Oregon Movement makes Climate Action a...

Oregon is taking bold climate action now because a vast majority of Oregonians have demanded it for years,... Read more
Mar 10, 2020

Oregon Takes Bold Climate Action in...

Before it even began, we said 2020 would be the year Oregon finally stepped forward and took bold... Read more
news | Oct 08, 2019

Oregon will take bold climate action...

For too long, Oregon hasn’t done enough to address the threat of the climate crisis, while every year... Read more
Jul 18, 2019

Hours from passing bold climate action,...

Oregon was only hours away from passing the most ambitious climate protection legislation in the country in 2019,... Read more
Apr 25, 2019

Youth Meeting With The Governor

Oregon Youth Rally on Earth Day for Clean Energy Jobs This Earth Day, Governor Kate Brown stood outside... Read more
May 20, 2018

Eyes on the Prize: Clean Energy...

2019 seems like a long way off, doesn’t it? We’re getting ready for summer and the end of... Read more
Mar 14, 2018

What We Brought In 2018

A movement for change; a movement for Clean Energy Jobs β€œThey may try to out-spend us, but we... Read more