Protect Oregon's Clean Air


Will you sign?


Relying on dirty energy to power our lives is hurting our health. Burning gasoline, diesel and coal throws harmful chemicals into the air like soot, smog, mercury and cancer-causing chemicals like benzene. Air pollution can be an invisible killer.

Children and the elderly are hardest hit by lung disease like asthma and COPD. Nearly 72,000 Oregon kids suffer from asthma, and air pollution makes it worse. Asthma is the number-one health issue that causes kids to miss school.

In the toxic mix emanating from dirty energy is also carbon pollution which leads to climate change -- the greatest danger to the future of our health and our children. Longer, hotter summers lead to more illnesses and higher concentrations of dangerous pollutants in our air. Out-of-control mosquito and tick populations will spread diseases we typically don’t see in Oregon like West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease.

Transitioning to cleaner energy sources like wind, biofuels and solar power can protect our health, our families’ health and ensure a better future for our kids and grandkids. No one has ever had an asthma attack triggered by a solar panel.

If healthy communities, clean air, and a better future are something you want to see,Β add your name to the many who are signing with us to make Oregon a leader in the clean energy economy.