Nov 04, 2015

Introducing Clean Energy, Clean Air Measures in Oregon

While working hard to transition Oregon off of coal-fired electricity and double the state’s commitment to renewable energy, it’s important to stop along the way and recognize the great milestones.

We’re not done collecting signatures yet, but we turned in 4,000 signatures to the state this week! That’s a step closer to allowing voters to choose a coal-free future for Oregon. One step closer to doubling our renewable energy and significantly cutting climate pollution.

“This is an effort for all Oregonians, from all walks of life. We’ll be the first state in history to go coal-free by a vote of the people,” said Margaret Ngai, a nurse and one of our chief petitioners. “A clean energy economy is an opportunity for many communities to prosper and protect what we value about the places we live and the health of our families.”

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Oregonians from 67 different cities and towns make up the mix of signatories -- from as far east as Kimberly, OR to Coos Bay on the coast, Hillsboro to Ashland and dozens of places in between. Wknd_of_Action.jpgSpecial thanks to the hard work of dozens of volunteers all around Oregon, we couldn’t have come this far without you.

“Oregonians see the value in a clean energy economy and having our state be a leader in that area. It did not take a long time to gather these signatures,” said Thomas Wheatley, Campaign Director for Renew Oregon. “Once people learn Oregon still receives one-third of its electricity from an out-dated and polluting method like burning coal, they say ‘where do I sign?’”

Initiative Petition 63 will require that large utilities phase out power generated from coal-fired power plants by 2030 in Oregon and obtain 50% of new generation from renewable sources like wind and solar by 2040.

Initiative Petition 64 will do all of the above with the addition of an added a mechanism that will ensure corporate compliance with the law. If utilities fail to comply with the pollution reduction standards in the measure, executive salaries will be adjusted in line with their performance.