Feb 17, 2016

Bi_partisan_engagement_high_five.jpgWith overwhelming and bipartisan support, the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill pass through the Oregon House of Representatives on Monday afternoon.  

Passage through the house sets the bill up for a vote in the Senate in the coming days. HB 4036, known as the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill crafted by environmental advocates and supported by the major utilities that would transfer Oregon’s power off coal-fired electricity and replace it with clean, renewable sources.

On the House floor, supporters spoke about the importance of returning Oregon to a place as a national leader in addressing climate change. Transitioning the state off coal will send a powerful message about the importance of cleaning up our electricity sector and protect ratepayers from costly coal plant upgrades.

IMG_1474.jpgPassage in the House represented one of the few instances of bipartisan support to addressing climate change, garnering the vote of Democrat and Republican representatives. Mirroring the strong support that Oregonians have for a coal transition, the bill passed with a 2-1 margin, with representatives understanding that HB 4036’s benefits go beyond just our air quality, but affect public health, green energy sector job growth, and investment in Oregon’s economy.

Renew Oregon and its coalition partners celebrated the important vote on Monday, and now will continue support and lobbying with the hope that bill will quickly move to the Senate for approval and passage.

Support the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill by thanking your Representatives for their votes and urging your Senator for support.