Feb 09, 2016

From the beginning, one of Renew Oregon’s priorities has been to build the largest coalition of organizations focused on addressing climate change in Oregon’s history. Some of the campaign’s biggest supporters are those who work in and advocate for public health and well-being. A broad group of professional groups, clean-air advocates, practitioners and public health organizations have signed on to a letter calling on Oregon’s lawmakers to support HB 4036, the Clean Air and Coal Transition bill that would double Oregon’s renewable energy and eliminate the use of coal.

No one knows more about the disastrous effects of climate change than the women and men who treat and care for Oregonians suffering from respiratory illness, lung disease, heart problems, and other conditions that are increasingly more chronic and acute the longer we burn coal and other pollutants for our power. That’s why it is so significant that so many health advocates are standing up in support of the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill. You can read the letter on behalf of Health Advocates here: