Dec 23, 2015

Is it just us, or does 2015 seem like a year when things took a turn toward saving the climate? It’s been a heck of a fight to get here and not every day brought good news, but together we accomplished a lot.

It’s not a moment too soon. This, after all, will be the warmest year on record, one of the worst wildfire seasons and the worst year of drought in Oregon history. #ThanksClimateChange

Our story featuring an Oregon Firefighter went viral!


We work every day to protect what we love about Oregon and to keep this from becoming our new normal.

Let’s begin our year in review close to home! Renew Oregon launched in 2015 with the ambitious, achievable goal of transitioning our state from dirty, polluting energy to a clean energy economy.

We’re a new kind of campaign for clean energy and climate protection, bringing together a broad coalition of businesses and workers, healthcare providers and parents, farmers and ranchers, faith and community groups, and individual Oregonians who will all be impacted by climate change and who all have strong reasons for moving Oregon to clean energy.

Up first, getting coal out of our electricity and doubling Oregon’s commitment to renewable energy. Thanks to your support and hard work, we managed to gather 8,000 signatures from more than 67 cities and towns across Oregon on the Clean Energy, Clean Air ballot measures. If we’re successful, Oregon’s electricity will be some of the cleanest in the world.

We also refuse to let the fossil fuel industry take away our clean air protections in Oregon. The Clean Fuels Standard was reauthorized in 2015 and set to begin in January. It’s the first law Oregon passed to protect the climate in nearly a decade, and the only law that directly reduces carbon pollution from fuels. It’s a huge victory for our health and our economy. 

The Oil industry is fighting to take it away from us; they will try to sacrifice our health for their profits. That’s why we ran some ads on TV you might have seen.

In the coming year, we’ll keep up the fight to hold polluters accountable for the cost of their pollution on the rest of us. We can enforce Oregon’s goals to reducing climate pollution and invest in clean energy and helping those most impacted by pollution and climate change.


Lots of victories to be excited about around the world!

Big oil had a bad year:

  • ExxonMobil's decades of climate change lies - EXPOSED! 

  • Keystone XL Tar Sands pipeline - DEFEATED!

  • Shell Oil's Arctic drilling mission - ABANDONED!


The people of Oregon made national news when they said #ShellNo


On a spiritual note, The Pope came to our country and sensitised our nation on why climate change is an issue of morality, and the importance of protecting our planet.


Finally, this month we witnessed world leaders agreeing in Paris on global pollution reduction. For the first time, nearly every nation declared climate change is a worldwide challenge. The deal in Paris won't stop climate change, but it sets the stage. It bends the course of history toward winning. Now it's up to cities and states to build the road and lead the nations down that path.


We could not be more proud of all the great progress this year. We are the first generation to see climate change impacts on our world and the last generation that can stop it. 

There is much more to do. As we’re cheerfully toasting and celebrating holidays, let us tell you this: together we can win Clean Energy, Clean Air for Oregon. We’ll write another piece of history for our state. We will be the generation to put an end to the Fossil Fuel era and usher in a clean, prosperous and healthy future for our families.

Until then, we wish you Happy Holidays and a great New Year!