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World leaders in business, government, faith, sustainability and health are gathered right now to make a deal that could change the course of human history. In times like these, a peaceful, worldwide agreement to do good is exactly what humanity needs.

The U.S., China, India, Brazil and other major economies brought with them firm commitments to cut carbon pollution and embrace clean energy for the first time in history.

An agreement in Paris is only possible because of people like you, supporting climate action in Oregon and our partners up and down the West Coast. Our years of work and our successes in clean energy show the world it’s possible to have both a thriving economy and a healthy environment.

Deal or no deal in Paris -- we must continue making a clean energy economy our priority. We must transition how we power our lives. Join me in being hopeful for an agreement in Paris and continue to be amazing and supportive of the movement where we live. Let’s continue our mission to Renew Oregon.