May 02, 2015

Dan MacOdrum

Energy-efficient homes are good for our planet and the people who live inside them. The improvements add value, durability and save homeowners money by reducing their energy bills. A high-performing home can clean the air to keep the people inside healthy. I work hard so that Oregonians can enjoy better homes.

Members of the Home Performance Guild are successful because they examine the home as a system with many interacting parts. When improved, the parts make a much better whole. Oregon is a home to all of us. Its interacting parts: workers, businesses, homeowners, communities and the environment can be a better whole. Oregon can be stronger, healthier and more valuable with a commitment to a clean energy economy.

Our members are local companies, employing local workers and contributing directly to the local economy. One of the biggest challenges is uncertainty in the market. If the state of Oregon commits to a clean energy future, we can kick our efficiency work into high-gear.

Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are waiting for an upgrade. We could hire more workers for good-paying jobs with benefits. Our members employ all kinds of people: entry-level laborers and weatherization workers, certified building analysts, office support staff, and seasoned insulation and home performance pros. We’re not just growing jobs - we’re growing careers.

Every day on the job our contractors are transforming lives. It’s a good feeling. Home performance is our part of the broader clean economy. We change the energy mix by making homes work well and use less. Our work makes room in the energy mix to shift off of dirty, polluting energy, and to renewable energy sources. That’s good for all Oregonians.

When I speak with colleagues in the home performance industry in other states, they tell me leaders there are on the fence. Good ideas are under attack by a few big corporations that profit from the status quo. People are interested in a growing efficiency industry, but they’re waiting for a leader. In Oregon, we are leaders. We will prove the clean energy economy is prosperous and can make a difference in the fight for a cleaner environment. Our innovators will export ideas. Oregon will be open for business.

We value the places we live: our homes and our state. There are solutions to the big problems we face and Oregonians have the unlimited potential and unbridled creativity to find them. I’m supporting Renew Oregon because it is the way forward for a robust economy and a healthier environment.

Don MacOdrum is Executive Director of the Home Performance Guild of Oregon, a trade group for dedicated, experienced Home Performance Specialists committed to delivering comfort, safety, efficiency, and indoor air quality to homeowners.