The Renew Oregon coalition is working to move Oregon away from polluting energy to a clean energy economy, with good-paying jobs, clean air, and healthy communities.

Clean Energy Jobs (2017-2020)

button_read_FAQ.pngClean Energy Jobs was a proposed law to put a limit on climate pollution from the largest polluters in Oregon, charge them a price for what they put in our air, and reinvest in Oregon communities for clean energy, health improvement, and climate protection projects.

While there were enough votes to pass this groundbreaking law in the state legislature, repeated and anti-democratic walkouts by Republican legislators stopped it from passing in both 2019 and 2020. However, our incredible coalition work together resulted instead in the Oregon Climate Action Plan!

A cap-and-invest program like CEJ would reduce pollution from burning fossil fuels, which causes global warming and makes people sick, and invest in communities across our state to create good-paying jobs and a thriving economy, especially in communities that need it most.

Through years of determined work and statewide organizing, we nearly passed this important policy to benefit Oregon! We have a responsibility to leave our kids and grandkids a healthy future, but climate change and unchecked air and water pollution from dirty energy sources are putting that at risk. This proposal would help us leave a better world.

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It’s time for Oregon to transition from polluting energy to a clean energy economy. 

Our state is poised to reap the rewards of good-paying jobs, clean air, and local, renewable energy while reducing climate pollution and investing in our communities.

We must act now. The impacts of climate change are hurting Oregonians. Our families, farmers, fishermen and firefighters are bearing the burden of climate pollution and burning fossil fuels. A limit and price on pollution from the largest sources will cut down the harmful effects on Oregonians while investing in solutions to grow our economy-- especially for people hit first and worst by climate impacts like rural, low-income, communities of color, and Indian Tribes.

The Renew Oregon coalition is championing a policy that will: 


  • Cap: Limit climate pollution statewide for emitters of 25,000 tons of greenhouse gases per year, about the equivalent of burning 133 train cars full of coal. In other words, the store down the street or your favorite brewery will not fall under the cap, only the largest polluters in the state. The cap will decline over time through 2050 to ensure we reach our reduction targets and provide certainty for business. 

  • Price: The largest emitters will pay for every ton of climate pollution they put into our air. The price is adjusted over time to give polluters incentive to cut emissions and allowing flexibility to do so at least cost.

  • Invest: Hundreds of millions of dollars per year will be reinvested in clean energy solutions -- like affordable solar, upgrades to homes and businesses to use energy more efficiently, more transportation options, and job training programs. Investments will be targeted to rural communities for projects like wildfire prevention, drought protection, and clean energy. Equity and a just transition to clean energy are central to the policy.



By acting now, Oregon will reap rewards -- including clean, renewable energy and thousands of good paying jobs all over the state: 

  • An independent economic analysis found cap-and-invest will create 50,000 new, good-paying jobs in Oregon – jobs that can’t be outsourced – in communities all over the state. Employment and incomes in every county will see positive growth through better technology, higher pay, and energy savings. 
  • Switching to clean energy and reducing air pollution will keep Oregonians healthier, saving $2 billion each year in healthcare costs by 2030.
  • It will also help protect existing jobs in industries threatened by climate change, like restoring watersheds to protect fishing and upgrading irrigation systems to help farmers deal with drought.
  • Investing in clean energy creates jobs for Oregonians with all kinds of skills: construction workers, engineers, road crews, designers, manufacturing workers, accountants, salespeople, and administrators.
  • More than 55,000 Oregonians work in the clean and green economy now, with 11,000 of those jobs in rural Oregon.


Eleven U.S. states have successful cap-and-invest programs running now. After years of experience, all of them have: growing economies, falling emissions, stable energy prices, and thousands of jobs created. While large polluters continue to try to scare people away from action with claims of economic disaster, history is our proof of success.

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