You have to start somewhere - May 19th 2017

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There was a great op-ed in the Eugene Register-Guard recently. It talked about the importance of transitioning to clean energy and a clean energy economy, and highlighted a clear plan for our country to get there: a bill dubbed the “100 by ’50 Act” that would move the United States to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.
Co-written by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, the bill charts a smart, ambitious, forward-looking path for a bright future for the entire United States. And that bill has pretty much zero chance of passing.

But you have to start somewhere, says Senator Merkley, and he's right. And for you, Change Agent {{ signup.first_name}}, that somewhere is right here, and right now. For all of us here in Oregon, this is our time to show how it's done. Our state can pick up the torch that's been dropped by the current federal leadership and carry it forward, and you can help. We can be climate leaders.

Will you be a leader today? Leave a comment on this article in support of Oregon's climate leadership. Why do you think more clean energy is better than less? What makes you proud to support Oregon's clean energy economy? What sort of future do you want to make for yourself and your family? Your comment will show the Register-Guard's editors, readers and your fellow Change Agents that you are serious and committed to creating a bright future for all of our state to enjoy.

It's up to Oregon to chart the course for others to follow. It's up to us to take the lead, show that our vision works, and use our success to pressure our national decision-makers to do the right thing. We know where to start, and we know what to do.

The comments section is waiting. 

Thanks for your work on this today! It really does make a difference.


Dina Le Roux

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