The winds of change are blowing in the north! Canada’s prime minister just announced a NATIONWIDE plan to make polluters pay for climate changing pollution.

Sign this ‘Thank You’ card to Justin Trudeau for kicking the door open for more climate protection!

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You and I, our families and friends, we’re bearing the burden of climate change right now. The young kids afflicted with asthma, the elders suffering from the heat and the families who watch grocery prices climb because of drought -- we’re paying the price while large polluters make the profits. It’s time for a change.

With Canada’s announcement, it’s the first country in the western hemisphere that’s holding polluters accountable and making them pay a penalty for climate pollution

California has a market-based solution that’s slashing emissions. Nine states in the northeast make electric utilities pay for emitting climate pollution. Oregon could be next to hold polluters accountable. We can help lead this movement and transition more quickly to a clean energy economy.

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