Aug 27, 2017

acid-rain-15-638.jpgOregon is poised to be a leader in the clean energy economy and the fight against climate change; we can hold polluters accountable with a price on climate pollution. While many are excited about the prospect of Oregon taking the lead, they have also wondered “has a price on pollution worked before?”

Quite simply: it has! And it was a bipartisan effort! History can be our guide.

In the 1970s and 80s, pollutants released through burning fossil fuels began falling back to Earth as acid rain. Acid rain ruined streams and lakes, killed fish and trees -- it even corroded bridges!  

In response, President George H.W. Bush and the Democratic House and Senate worked together to place limits on certain pollutants. Large polluters had to pay for the pollutants they put into our air. The results were dramatic, dropping pollution by millions of tons!

By 2003, an audit found the Acid Rain Program was 75% cheaper to implement than predicted, and returned 40-times the benefits versus the cost -- $70 billion per year in human health benefits.

Because of the price on the pollutants, large emitters found cleaner, more efficient ways to power their operations and for the least cost. We solved an environmental crisis by putting a price on pollution.

Oregon can be a leader by limiting and pricing climate pollution. Renew Oregon, with your help, is leading the charge to limit pollution from dirty fuels and accelerates investment in clean energy. It’s our next big step in a march from pollution to prosperity. Sign our petition to signal you’re with us.