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Just as we suspected, the oil industry is making yet another play to get rid of clean air protections in Oregon.

Out-of-state oil companies have decided to take their chances with the voters. They’ve filed three ballot initiatives, all of which would render useless the clean air protection and economic benefits in the Clean Fuels Program.

Just this week these initiatives advanced to the next stage, allowing big oil to prepare for signature gathering. We need to be ready to act immediately when that happens.

Please, donate today to help us stay ahead of our opponents and protect Clean Fuels.

The Clean Fuels Program takes away oil companies’ ability to pollute our air for free. It requires them to use cleaner fuels or help support businesses that do. Big oil will spend millions to attack Clean Fuels on the ballot. Together, we need to stand up to them every step of the way.

Help us send the message to the big oil companies! Contribute $100, $50, $25, or $10 right now to tell them Oregonians want clean air, not more profits for out-of-state oil.