Sep 17, 2015

The out-of-state oil industry is doing all it can to roll back Oregon’s clean air protections. Big Oil has spent millions of dollars on lobbyists, elections, frivolous lawsuits and proposed ballot measures to weaken or repeal the Clean Fuels Standard.

Oregonians support this standard by about 2 to 1, because it cleans up the air and gives us more choices at the pump. But Big Oil lobbyists are addicted to peddling pollution for profits. Help us #Fight4CleanAir

Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard reduces pollution from gas and diesel and provides Oregonians with cleaner fuel options made closer to home.

This simple and effective law requires oil companies to gradually reduce carbon pollution from their gasoline and diesel fuel by 10% over ten years. They can either blend lower-carbon biofuels or invest directly in proven technologies like electric vehicles, biogas, natural gas, and other clean fuels systems.

Clean fuels effectively reduce pollution and fight climate change. Pollution from gas and diesel can trigger asthma, heart attacks and other health emergencies. These health issues affect all Oregonians, and particularly impact children, the elderly, low-income communities. Climate change makes many of these health problems worse.

Out-of-state oil companies spent nearly $2 million in 2014 to influence Oregon legislators against the Clean Fuels Standard. They almost succeeded in killing Oregon’s clean air law, but the public fought back and kept it in place.

Now Big Oil is back again, filing frivolous lawsuits in federal and state court, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill defending a law that was originally passed six years ago. The oil industry is also attempting to move forward with 3 ballot initiatives to weaken or repeal Clean Fuels. We’re making sure Oregonians know what’s going on.

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