Nov 25, 2015

3 Things We're Thankful For

This week, we spend time with loved ones, eat great food and slow down our busy lives for a few hours to be grateful for what we have and give thanks to those that make it possible.

You’re part of our Renew Oregon family, so we’re letting you know what we’re thankful for. We hope you’ll tell us too.


1) We’re thankful for living in an amazing state. Natural beauty, from high-desert to river basins, mountain peaks to foggy coast, is all around us. Rich in charm, culture and unique people -- it’s worth protecting.

2) We’re thankful there is a solution to climate change and there are thousands of Oregonians realizing each day that we can save the future for our children, if we work together.

3) We are thankful for the hundreds of supporters who have given their time and money to support a transition to clean energy and a healthier climate.

We can only get Oregon off of coal power and into a clean energy economy if every person does their part. During this time of thanks giving, we are thankful for you.

P.S. We’re also thankful for pumpkin pie. Mmm. Pie.