Oct 08, 2019

For too long, Oregon hasn’t done enough to address the threat of the climate crisis, while every year wildfires burn hotter and longer, clean water is endangered and the temperatures rise. These impacts threatened our health and families, our farms, forests, and fisheries. 

Inaction ends in the year 2020! Whether through the legislature, governor’s office, or at the ballot, Oregonians refuse to let another year pass without significant climate action in our state. 

Oregon's largest climate protection campaign has a "you-sized" hole in it. Join here!

These next years are critical in determining what kind of world we leave our children -- with scientists only giving us about ten more years to basically cut our climate pollution in half. Oregon’s legislature has failed for three years in a row to pass bold climate legislation. Some young climate advocates have gone all the way through middle school and are now in high school waiting for our state’s leaders to step up. We don’t have any more time.

CLEAN ENERGY JOBS (legislature)

The large Renew Oregon coalition has worked diligently with lawmakers on the Clean Energy Jobs bill to significantly reduce climate pollution while growing our economy and creating thousands of good-paying jobs. This innovative policy was only hours from passing this year, when our legislature broke down into undemocratic chaos

The Clean Energy Jobs bill remains our top priority and we will continue to build upon more than a decade of hard work that brought it so close to the finish line in 2019. We hope legislators will be more successful in 2020, because the cap-and-invest program in Clean Energy Jobs is the biggest thing Oregon can do to take responsibility for our share of the climate crisis. However, for the sake of our children and our state, we cannot allow another failure. 

Today, with our partners in Oregonians For Clean Air, we’re launching a campaign to bring climate action directly to the voters in Oregon. If our democracy and legislature fail us again in 2020, we'll have the campaign in place to move forward with two ballot measures, and we will win.

100% Ready for Clean Air (ballot)

Oregonians for Clean Air is working on two ballot measure concepts to bring to voters in November 2020:

100% Clean Electricity measure: 

Oregon is ready to transition off dirty power like coal and other fossil fuels to clean, affordable, reliable energy sources, like wind and solar. More than 48% of Oregon’s electricity comes from burning coal and other fossil fuels, which pollute the air, harm our health, and contribute to global warming.

This measure commits Oregon’s electricity to come from 100% clean, affordable and reliable sources by 2045. We will create good paying jobs, protect our health and climate, and make Oregon a leader in renewable energy innovation by transitioning off of polluting electricity. 

100% clean electricity is the backbone of a clean energy economy and 100% possible. As we electrify everything from cars and trucks to home heating and industrial manufacturing, our electricity must be the cleanest it can be. Oregon will join 7 other states, 130+ cities, and some of the largest utilities in the nation with 100% clean electricity targets.

100% Clean Economy: 

Oregon must do our part as a leader to protect the natural heritage of clean air and clean water we’re so proud of. We have a responsibility to leave a healthier world for our children. 

Oregon already has targets for reducing climate pollution across our entire economy, but we’re not meeting them. This measure will ask voters to update and enforce Oregon’s targets to align with what scientists tell us we have to achieve for a stable climate. With reliable, clean technology like wind and solar power, buildings that use energy more efficiently, and cleaner ways to do business and get around, we can cut Oregon’s pollution in half by 2035, and be a 100% clean economy by 2050.

This measure will bring more investment to Oregon, create good paying jobs that can't be outsourced, and higher incomes in Oregon's rural economies.


Our governor committed to making sure climate action happens in Oregon after the spectacular failure in the Oregon Senate this year. 

We’re still waiting to hear how she can use her powers of clean air and water protection, under current state law, to require large polluters to reduce greenhouse gases and take responsibility for their contribution to climate change. 

The Governor promised to use every tool available to protect our children from a grim climate future if nothing is done. With only ten years left to act, and the government in D.C. rolling back climate and environmental protections, it will be up to state’s like Oregon to make a difference and show leadership.