Aug 22, 2017

I’ve done sales for a long time - but I’ve never had a job like this one. Blue Raven Solar has only been up and running in Oregon for a little over a year now, they have surpassed most other solar companies due to their great personal service and no up front costs or money out of pocket. Blue Raven Solar is making it easier for homeowners to save the planet.

Quote_Robyn_featured.pngMy job is simple: I knock on doors. I find roofs facing south and southwest, I set up appointments for homeowners who want to “go green”  to talk with a Solar Specialists.  And my goal is to be a Solar Specialist by the end of this month.  Another thing I love about Blue Raven Solar,  is they have eliminated lease options, and this gives the homeowner power to be self reliant by turning their “utility liability” into an “asset”, that builds value and increases equity in their home, because they own it.  I love sharing that information because the “Big Companies”, seem to control almost everything. 

Also giving free bids to the customers is smart it provides information on how much you will save going solar, what you won't save if you continue letting the utilities companies control the amount you pay every month, and how the solar panels look on your roof, at a flat low rate and how much the state and federal governments will pay you to use renewable resources like solar and it’s all for free!   

The people I talk to who want to go solar are working families with kids in high school, college and people planning for their retirement - people who know they need to save money and want to do what's right for our planet. 

I really feel like I’ve found my niche in this job. I have been looking for something I can sink my teeth into and I can feel good about. I've done direct sales before, but this I believe in. I know it helps the planet and I can be proud of that. I’ve met one of the owners and I loved his energy and passion.  They work to retain their people, because they care and understand that they can’t save the planet and accomplish this mission without us and we need them to make it easier to help everyone else do their part in saving our planet.

I’m already seeing the stability in my own finances. They offer monthly and quarterly bonuses. The next major purchase for me will be an electric car, since we have the technology, I don't understand why any car company would still continue to make fossil fuel burning cars when we have a solution and it's working! They should let them all just remain a “fossil”, from the past.  

We have expanded to Salem, which is where I am working now.  This job provides me the abilities to utilize my experience from being in the “people industry”, and an opportunity for me to grow and expand my knowledge in the “Solar Saving Planet Industry”, where I am learning something new everyday! 

As I walk the neighborhoods, looking for houses that could use solar, I see so much opportunity, so much untapped potential. Same as electric cars, why doesn’t every home and business have solar on the roof?  I have high hopes that once people understand the real impact they can make by using solar, and the positive effect it has on our beautiful planet, the more solar I will see.  I truly believe!