Tera Hurst

Executive Director

“I want to see a thriving economy, clean energy jobs and a healthy state. This is our chance. Let's get to work.”


Brad Reed

Communication Director

“The stories I love telling the most are ones that bring it all together -- good jobs, clean energy, and healthy communities. We can have them all. Oregonians are smart, hard-working people. Oregon will show the nation how successful a clean energy economy can be for everyone.”


Dina Le Roux

Digital Director

“The digital era has opened the doors to so many new ways to communicate and instantly spread messages around the globe. Such a gift ought to be used to #ActOnClimate, effectively address the most crucial issue of our time, and defeat it.”


Shilpa Joshi

Organizing Director

“What do you care about? What do you fight for? What do you want to protect? I bet I can connect your answer back to our work. Climate change impacts us all, so we're going to need everyone to work together to fight for a systems change, for solutions.”


Sonny Mehta

Field Manager

I remember growing up in Oregon I’d often hear the phrase “are you environmentalist or do you work for a living? That was a false choice when we can in fact bring clean energy jobs to our State. Successful campaigns start from the ground up and we will Organize, Mobilize, and Energize to victory.


Zach Klonoski

Finance Director

I don't think politics has anything to do with left, right or center. It has to do with trying to do right by people." I'm proud to be part of a team that advocates for progressive climate policies that will help ensure that more Oregonians have access to opportunity.”