Clean Energy Jobs
The majority of the energy in Oregon -- for transportation, electricity and manufacturing -- comes from fossil fuels (mainly oil and coal) that pollute our air, water and atmosphere. For decades, big polluters have had a free ride for their climate pollution, while Oregonians pay the price with our health and now an unstable climate. It’s time to transition to a clean energy economy, where our lives and businesses are powered by renewable energy like solar,... Read more
Coal to Clean Energy
Oregon is leading the nation on a path to clean electricity! In 2016, Oregon passed the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Act, a first-of-its-kind law to transition off of polluting coal-fired power while simultaneously DOUBLING the state’s commitment to clean electricity -- like solar and wind -- to 50% new, renewable energy by 2040. When combined with our legacy of hydropower, Oregon’s electricity mix will be more than 80% clean and renewable -- some of the... Read more
Clean Fuels Standard
Oregon’s transportation sector emits nearly 40% of our state’s climate pollution. Burning dirty fuels like gasoline and diesel is the largest source of climate changing pollution and it’s only getting dirtier. The Clean Fuels Standard addresses fuel pollution by giving Oregonians more choices for clean fuels. Out-of-state oil companies are now accountable for pollution from gasoline and diesel, incentivizing them to reduce the pollution from the fuels they produce.  65% of Oregonians all over the state, from all walks of life, support... Read more