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Oregonians are proud of our long tradition of protecting our clean air, drinkable water and natural beauty of our home. As a state, more than ever, we must rise to the occasion and be a shining beacon of leadership for climate protection.

The Trump administration’s decision to pull the U.S out of the Paris Climate Agreement jeopardizes the health and well-being of our citizens and undermines America’s credibility and leadership. All the more, we need strong local leaders willing to stand up for the fight against climate change.

We applaud Governor Kate Brown’s vow that Oregon will live up to the promise of the Paris Climate Agreement. We, as elected officials of cities and counties across Oregon, support upholding the spirit of the agreement to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions at home. It’s clear local and state-level action is needed to make the promise a reality.

In light of this need, we the Mayors, Councilors, and Commissioners of towns, cities, and counties across Oregon, declare our support for the Clean Energy Jobs bill. It will make Oregon a leader in the growing clean energy economy and climate protection by putting a cap on climate pollution statewide, a price on greenhouse gas emissions from the largest polluters, and investment back into our communities to generate good-paying jobs and build clean energy solutions.

The bill will raise $700 million per year that will benefit communities across the state, putting Oregonians to work by making clean power like solar more accessible, improving energy efficiency in homes and businesses to save people money, building affordable housing near transit and investing in more transportation options. Proceeds will be allocated to Oregon’s most vulnerable communities to help train workers and create good jobs that can’t be outsourced.

As local leaders, we are in a unique position to bring about positive change in our communities. By endorsing this bill we are standing in alliance with the Paris Climate Agreement and demonstrating the strong leadership our towns, cities, counties, state, and country needs.

We call on Governor Brown and Oregon legislators to act now to put Oregon on the right path. We can promote a prosperous economy while limiting pollution. We can protect Oregon for future generations while taking care of families today with good-paying jobs and clean air. We urge you to support and pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill.

Sincerely, the undersigned elected officials of Oregon,

  • Mayor Mark Gamba, City of Milwaukie
  • Mayor Sam Steidel, City of Cannon Beach
  • Mayor Lucy Vinis, City of Eugene
  • Mayor Truax, City of Forest Grove
  • Mayor Tosterud, City of Fairview
  • Commissioner Dick Shouten, Washington County
  • Commissioner Pete Sorenson, Lane County
  • Commissioner Bill Hall, Lincoln County
  • Mayor Biff Traber, City of Corvallis
  • Mayor Sean Drinkwine, City of Estacada
  • Mayor Sandra Roumagoux, City of Newport
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler, City of Portland
  • Mayor Casey Ryan, City of Troutdale
  • Mayor Russ Axelrod, City of West Linn
  • Mayor Tim Knapp, City of Wilsonville
  • Counselor Nathan Boddie, City of Bend
  • Counselor Barb Campbell, City of Bend
  • Counselor Larry Morgan, City of Troutdale



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