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ten_things_we_love_.jpgWe did it, Oregon! We're on our way to being rid of power from polluting coal and we're building a clean energy economy.

The Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill makes Oregon the first state in the nation with legislation to go coal-free. And it is the first state-level renewable energy victory following the Paris climate agreement.

The bill has a lot of great stuff built in and will have historic effect on cutting climate pollution in Oregon and helping our state shift to a clean energy economy.

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Oregonians are committed to a clean energy future that will keep pollution out of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we call home. Living up to that commitment means transitioning off of dirty, polluting energy to a renewable, efficient energy economy. It’s time for Oregonians to join together and take a stand for good-paying jobs, healthy communities and the clean environment we all deserve.

We have a chance to put Oregon on the right path. We can promote a prosperous economy while limiting pollution. We can protect Oregon for future generations while taking care of families today. We need your voice to do it.

I Pledge To:

  • Transition Oregon off coal power to clean energy sources like solar, wind & energy efficiency
  • Support good-paying jobs and healthy communities for all Oregon families
  • Expand clean fuel choices and options for transit
  • Hold big polluters accountable for the true cost of their pollution in our air and water


Yes! Let's Renew Oregon.